Our Team


International Senior advisor, Expert in Communication, Governance & Strategy for positionniing Political Leaders 

Mr Nabeel ALFALEH is the founder Director of Sens Critic Strategic Circle and the responsible for all major decisions.

Mr ALFALEH has over than 30 years of expertise and experience in the field of strategy, governance and communication in Europe, Mena Région, Canada, and USA. He is the founder of two consultancy offices: « The Diwan Consulting Group (DCG) » based in Dubai, and « Sens Critic Strategic Circle » (SCSC) for political governance strategy located in Paris and Brussels.

In 1998 Mr ALFALEH was assigned by the European Union (EU) as a consultant for the implementation of a program to upgrade MENA compagnies systems to trade effectively with EU.

Mr ALFALEH also lectures students in prominent French academic institutions on governance strategies since 2006 as "Polytechnic school of Lille", "EMLyon Business school" and "KEDGE Business School" Marseille.

Prior to (SCSC), Mr ALFALEH held several consultancy positions with international firms. He hosted fifty conferences and has written twenty confidential reports on Strategic models.

He played an active role in the organization of two presidential elections in the Nord district of France and he was the advisor for newly elected candidates in different campaigns in the (PACA region), Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur since 2014 and in the presidential elections of 2017 and 2022.

Mr ALFALEH is an expert in strategy for crisis intervention, management, and implementation of monitoring plan. Passionate about difficult cases, he has made his specialty. Since 2002 he was qualified State Expert in skill assessment.

Mr ALFALEH continues undertaking EU and UN missions in European and African countries.

He was committed in multiple humanitarians causes for homeless and food banking. Since November 2019 he's the President of Tunisian Talents United (TTU). 



International Senior Advisor in all Energy's aspects, Governance, Policy, Regulations and Integrated LTE Strategy.

Mr. Nejib Zaafrani has 44 years of international experience in the energy sector with private major International Oil Company (RDS), public and government entites (ETAP, DSCE, ADNOC). He spent over 25 years in the MENA region, in addition to North America, Asia and Europe.

Mr. Zaafrani served as the first Secretary General and CEO of the Supreme Council of Energy, Dubai Government (DSCE), following several years as a senior executive at Royal Dutch Shell.

Since January 2013 he has provided strategic guidance as an independent international senior executive advisor to top leaders of governments, public and private coorporations in the energy sector. He was Strategic Senior Advisor to ADNOC Group DG and member of SPC from 2013-2016, Strategic Advisor to Modumetal CEO 2016-2020. In addition to Strategic Advice provided in 2013 to Tunisia State President team and Kasakstan State Deputy PM and Minister of Industry & Energy

As Secretary General and CEO of DSCE he played a pivotal role in developing the council's governance structure, Dubai's 2030 integrated energy strategy, and key policy implementation and the establishment of the Regulatory and Supervisory Bureau (RSB). Prior to DSCE, he worked for the Royal Dutch Shell Group for 30 years as International Senior Staff. He was appointed Chairman and Managing Director of Shell Abu Dhabi in 2007 whereupon he was in charge of overseeing all of Shell's business interests in Abu Dhabi. He was a Board Director of super major Joint Ventures, such as ADCO (ADNOC Onshore Oil) and GASCO (ADNOC Onshore gas processing), and an active member of the Petroleum Institute's Governing Board. Prior to that, Mr. Zaafrani was Regional Vice President of New Business Development and Strategic Alliances across the Middle East, Caspian and South Asia for Shell Exploration and Production International.

Mr. Zaafrani is a member of several professional associations and business groups, and active with academic institutions. A prominent speaker on Energy in International Conferences. He received several recognitions and Awards in the course of his professional career from Governments, Private sector and Independent Associations for his various outstanding contributions and in recognition of his achievements.

Mr. Zaafrani joined recently Sens Critics Consulting firm to provide stewardship and strategic direction to the team in all aspects of Energy, SDG and Advise on Energy Transition to Governments and private sectors.


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