World Forum for Democracy


Sens Critic Strategic Circle is invited each year to participate in the biggest events in the world. Among these events, the WFD 2022 which takes place from November 07 to 09, 2022 at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg 

Nabeel is the CEO of "Sens Critic Strategic Circle". He is an experienced senior advisor to governments, he offers independent strategic advice to enable nations and institutions to have the best approach to decision-making in crisis situations. Nabeel has 35 years of international experience with a career in EU missions, in political advisory and leadership roles and the conduct of state reform. He led fifty conferences and written twenty reports on government policy models. Nabeel brings a unique combination of global experience to decision-making communities. Today, he chairs the most important Tunisian associations in the world :  and he is also the co-founder of  (What's happening ?), the strategic advisor of  and the Tunisian Association of Citizen Journalism 

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