Sens Critic Strategic Circle


Policy & Strategy

Who are we ?

At Sens Critic, we are expert in governance policy and strategy consulting

Sens Critic was named Public Affairs Agency in 2015 and distinguished for its depth of talent, influential clients, and a great track record.

we are also specialised in communications and reputation management.

Sens Critic has three offices across Europ and UAE, 

represented in Paris, Brussels and Dubai.

Sens Critic is known for creating high-impact strategic communications and positioning.

Our successes were largely due to how well our advisors used Political technology to make intelligent decisions in the campaigns.

Sens Critic is also a center for study and research on diplomacy and politics in relation to the Schools and Universities of (Paris-Sorbonne, Ottawa, Aix Marseille,

Kedge BS, Polytechnique and Sciences Politique)


We combine insight, creativity and a flair for captivating speeches to provide strong guidance for our clients from the executive world or the business world to become high performer in everything that we do. Drawing from our experience and strategic judgement, we ensure that our clients are heard in the right places, at the right time. 

We pride ourselves on offering a bespoke service that is flexible to the changing needs of our clients. And we do all this while upholding the highest standards of ethics and transparency. 

Id sheet & Localization

Founded in 2000

 Domain : Governance Strategy 

Represented in Paris - Brussels - Dubai

Areas of expertise 

Positioning Strategy advisoring

Consulting in Business and Electoral Strategy

Economic, Social & Environmental Policy Consulting

Consulting in Strategy, State Energy Strategy and Crisis Management

Consulting in Reputation Management 

Benefit types

Positioning Strategy and Support

Advice in implementing recommendations

Concerted action

Seminar facilitation and audits

Research lab


Political Opinion Polls


"Focus Group Design
Facilitation and analysis
Citizens municipal meetings
Civic workshops
Administration and analysis of surveys ... »

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